At Bonsaify, we are committed to producing modern mini-bonsai that anyone can easily care for and enjoy. Whether you're looking for a tree for your home or office, indoors or outside, you'll find one that will suit your unique lifestyle and needs from among our beautiful selection of bonsai trees and curated containers.

We grow our trees locally from seed and cuttings; we offer high-quality supplies, fun merchandise, and easy-to-follow advice that will help you keep them happy and healthy.

Eric, our award-winning Chief Bonsai Artist, has been growing and developing Bonsai trees for over fifteen years; you can trust that every Bonsaify product that arrives at your door has been cultivated with passion, love, and deep respect for this ancient art.

We are artists

We are hikers

We are runners

We are family

We are friends

We are environmentalists

We are growers

We love bonsai.

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