Photo, Japanese Black Pine seed with pine cone
close up Photo, Japanese Black Pine seed with pine cone
Photo, japanese black pine branch and cones
Photo, japanese black pine
photo, japanese black pine bark close-up
photo, japanese black pine bark close-up
photo, three japanese black pine seedlings

Japanese Black Pine Seeds

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A packet of 40 Japanese black pine seeds. 

Alameda Sourced - NEW STOCK EXPECTED NOVEMBER 2023, limit 2 packets per customer please. 


Japanese black pine are among the classic Japanese species used for bonsai. We recommend when growing trees from seed or cutting that you start with a batch of 20-50 trees.

Germination will occur on fresh pine seeds within 2-3 weeks of sowing. No stratification required, a 12-hour soak of the seed will provide more uniform germination timeline but is not necessary.  Seeds can be sown outside in spring once danger of frost is passed, or indoors.  Pines require full sun for robust growth. Grow your seedlings outdoors. Protect seed and germinating seedlings from birds and rodents. 

Bark and branches shown in the photos are from the Alameda parent tree. Seedlings are shown for illustrative purposes only, they are from a common parent stock. 

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