Rough Cut Pottery - Bob Potts

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Robert (Bob) Potts is the creative force behind Rough Cut Pottery. He produces organic carved ceramic forms that are both artful and whimsical. After his first bonsai tree met it's untimely end sitting on top of his TV - the tree looked pretty good on display there, until it turned brown - in 2000, Bob decided he needed to study bonsai. He started taking classes at a Chicago-area nursery, joined his local bonsai club, and participated in popular online bonsai forums.
He met Brent Walston of Evergreen Gardenworks through those forums, and subsequently moved to California in 2004 for a part-time apprenticeship at Brent's nursery. Bob was selected as a finalist in the American Bonsai Society's 2010 "Joshua Roth New Talent" contest.
A few years later he and his wife began visiting a pottery studio for "date night". Bob tried to make traditional-looking bonsai pots, but quickly discovered that he preferred producing in a rougher, more rustic style - Rough Cut Pottery.
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