Zelkova Serrata Potted Starters - Bonsaify
Zelkova Serrata Potted Starters - Bonsaify
Zelkova Serrata Potted Starters - Bonsaify

Zelkova Serrata Potted Starters

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.We're releasing a limited number of Zelkova serrata from our grow operation for those people wanting to grow their own bonsai trees, but not start from scratch.

Zelkova are a deciduous tree in the Elm family (Ulmaceae), with alternating leaves at the nodes.  They are prized for their fine branching, fast growth and ability to make incredibly detailed bonsai.  They will back bud copiously, are well-adapted to root work, and are a delight with their changing seasonal appearance.

These are in 3.3" plastic containers and have multiple small branches already. The tree is a typical example, trunk size is up to 1/8" (smaller than a pencil) The photos are representative, and do not show the actual tree.

We vouch for the health and vigor of our plants. These trees are treated like young bonsai, including heavy root cutback, but they will easily grow and improve in your care!

Domestic shipping to USA only.

(Psst.  You can grow these indoors under the right conditions!) 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Anthony Schott
Bigger than expected!

Very healthy spring growth. No bugs, no fungus. Healthy roots too. Will be buying more in the future !!

Carlos Limon
Great set of 3

I'm very happy with the set off Zelkova's that I recieved

John Griffith

Awesome little trees to get started with.

Mark Williams
Zelkova Serrata/Kishu Potted Starters

In my experience, Eric and crew supply some of the best starter material available anywhere. I received both my Zelkova and Kishu starters promptly and in great condition. The high quality of material you will receive from Bonsaify is hard to beat and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Try it and you will see!

Rod MacQuarrie
Zelkova forest

Very satisfied the plants are great. Had also bought some seedlings . Excited to see the future results in a forest planting .