Zelkova Copse #17
Zelkova Copse #17

Zelkova Copse #17

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Zelkova are a deciduous tree in the Elm family (Ulmacae), with alternating leaves at the nodes. They are prized for their fine branching, fast growth and ability to make incredibly detailed bonsai. They will back bud copiously, are well-adapted to root work, and are a delight with their changing seasonal appearance. This planting mimics a clump of young trees growing together in a field (aka a "copse"). 

Zelkova care basics: allow new shoots to run to 5-8 leaves and then cutback to 1-2. Regular water, fertilizer and lots of sun and warmth during the summer, and cold temps in the winter are what these trees love. You will enjoy their foliage in spring-fall just as much as their lovely winter silhouette! 

Planting - about 6" tall, pot is about 3.5" diameter. 

Pot - molded and sealed concrete from Bonsaify.