Yaupon Holly Bonsai Starters
Yaupon Holly Bonsai Starters

Yaupon Holly Bonsai Starters

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Yaupon Holly is typically used as ornamental shrubs in landscaping, and bonsai enthusiasts appreciate them for their small shiny evergreen leaves, numerous red berries (on female plants) and small white spring flowers, and pale gray bark marked with white patches. Native to the southeastern United States (e.g. Florida), the caffeine-rich leaves have a long history of being brewed and used to make a wonderful fresh tea. 

Read this article we wrote for more information about Yaupon Holly, and how Eric designed mini-bonsai from the intersection of Japanese and Indigenous American cultural practices across hundreds of years

3.5" plastic growing containers, plants are 5-10" tall with small pre-wired trunks.