Sekka Hinoki Cypress Gallon Starter - Bonsaify
Sekka Hinoki Cypress Gallon Starter - Bonsaify
Sekka Hinoki Cypress #1 - Bonsaify

Sekka Hinoki Cypress Gallon Starter

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The Sekka variety of Hinoki cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa) is particularly well adapted to small bonsai creation and care. The texture of the foliage is much tighter than other hinoki cypress varieties yet the branches extend much faster than most dwarf species. 

Sekka can be cut back and air-layered to create more compact structure but the normal growth habit is vertical. 

These 1-gallon starters are three years old and some have been pruned. The foliage coloration is blue-green when kept in a lower light environment, but hardens to a solid green when kept in full sun. Caution should be taken as Sekka are susceptible to dieback caused by Phytophthora (foliar blight) - preventative winter and spring fungicide treatments are strongly encouraged.  

Photos are representative of our current stock but are not the exact plant you will receive. Some plants are taller while others are short/bushy. Some plants are in 1-gallon nursery containers (not pictured.) Price is per single container/tree.