Rough-Bark Dwarf Jade Bonsai Starters - Bonsaify
Rough-Bark Dwarf Jade Bonsai Starters - Bonsaify

Rough-Bark Dwarf Jade Bonsai Starter

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Miniature jade are perfect for beginners!  Dwarf jade are one of the easiest indoor/outdoor bonsai to grow and maintain.  These starters are in 3.5" nursery containers, and have 1/4" trunks, with multiple shoots. 

The photos are representative, you will receive plants that look similar, but not identical to these images.  Single - 1 plant Two-pack - two plants, Three-pack - three plants.  Six-pack - six plants. 

These plants are the "corkbark" variety of dwarf jade, which exhibit smooth bark when young but later develop rough bark and interesting textures. 

Native to South Africa, the P. Afra - aka Elephant Bush, or "spekboom" gets its name because it's a favorite food of African Elephants. It's a succulent-type plant similar to jade, but with smaller, bright green shiny leaves which are edible.

We recommend that you fertilize regularly, and place your miniature jade in a sunny warm location. It can grow indoors or outdoors in any bright location, but be sure to protect it from freezing temperatures.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Jessica Smith

Plants arrived in good condition

Matthew magnussen
Purchased 3

I purchased 3 of these lil things. I understood they are all different, so let's soo what happens over the years. I'm not 100% satisfied with the quality for the price, but let's see. They are much taller than expected, which is a plus for me. One of them is rotted at the base, and most of the branches are dead.

Really healthy and perfect for beginners

I’m so pleased. I planted my kishu juniper starters, and jade starters, about a month ago. They are all doing extremely well. I’ve purchased five plants in total, including three jade bonsai starters. They are all flourishing. They arrived in good shape, and I am clear across the country from Bonsaify. My jade plants are really taking off with tons of new growth. They are a mixture of deep emerald green, with lots of new growth, and perfect jade coloring. I will definitely be making another purchase from Bonsaify.

Very Cool Ports!

I purchased the 3-pack of Rough-Bark Dwarf Jades. When they arrived, I up-potted them into larger containers and was pleasantly surprised by the root mass!!
I’m looking forward to seeing what they do this summer!
Bonsaify never disappoints!!


Came in good time and was packaged well. Really healthy for the time of the year and shipping . Be aware of your weather and know succulents will be severely damaged by really cold weather. In glad our polar vortex passed.
It's an excellent start for bonsai + cuttings and the rough bark is fantastic. My advice is just let it grow out before playing with it and keep it warm. That's bonsaify ! Glad I found you guys. Take care