Large Specimen Japanese White Pine

Large Specimen Japanese White Pine

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This imported specimen Japanese White Pine is grafted on black pine roots with a large mature crown of finely-detailed branches.  Potted in a large imported ceramic container. 

This tree could be the anchor of any collection, it is an impressive specimen both in the garden and in bonsai shows. 


Japanese white pine are well understood as one of the classic bonsai species. Early spring repotting, spring candle cutback and fall pruning have the combined effect of creating fine branching and dense foliage. Full sun for 10-14 hours per day is ideal during the growing season (March or April through November) White pine are not well-adapted to indoor growing.  White pine are a cold tolerant species, grown in the coldest regions of Japan as bonsai; however all bonsai are best protected from temperatures below 28 degrees, to ensure that the roots do not freeze.  


Height Rim of pot to top of foliage: 27"

Branch width: 36"

Trunk girth 7" 

Overall Height 35" (includes pot)

Front to Back: 24"

Photos taken September 2021. Local Pickup only, or delivery by arrangement.