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Kishu Juniper Two Year Old Pre-Wired Bonsai Starters

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Would you love to grown your own bonsai trees, but don't want to start from seed or cutting? We're releasing a limited number of 2020 fall cutting Kishu Juniper from our grow operation, just for you! 

Kishu are among the best junipers for bonsai, with tight delicate foliage that creates heavenly clouds almost by itself.  The runners (strong central shoots) are used to make branches and trunks. Wood production is faster in hotter climates. 

These are in 3.3" plastic containers with multiple branches.  The central stem has been wired and bent into an interesting shape. The trees shown are a typical example, trunk size is up to 3/16" (about the size of a standard pencil) approximate height - 3-4" The photos are representative, and do not show the actual tree.

We vouch for the health and vigor of our plants. These trees are treated like young bonsai, including root work, but they will easily grow and improve in your care!

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