Japanese Larch Bonsai Starters

Japanese Larch Bonsai Starters

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Japanese Larch are deciduous conifers well-suited to cold and northern climates. With cold tolerance well below many other trees these are very hardy. Larch are a delight to behold - from their bright green spring foliage to fluffy summer appearance followed by golden fall color, the don't disappoint in any season. In winter enjoy them for their austere silhouette and rugged bark.

Latin Name: Larix kaempferi

These 3.3" potted starters are 2+ years old . Choose between wired and unwired stock. The wired stock have been wired to create movement in the lower trunk. Minimal branching. Trunks are 1/8-1/4" thick, height is 6-14"

Note: Photos are representative and do not show the actual tree you will receive.

Larch are not well-suited to southern and hot climates, or areas with moderate to warm winters.

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