Geometric Watering Can - Bonsaify
Geometric Watering Can - Bonsaify

Geometric Watering Can

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This modern Nordic designed copper colored stainless steel watering can is stylish and functional! We love the long spout and sleek minimalist aesthetic. A stylish watering can is a wonderful gift for plant enthusiasts.  

This watering can offers key benefits for bonsai, succulents, small plants/planters, and hanging plants: 

*EASY TO WATER HARD-TO-REACH AREAS: Its straight, long, and thin spout is ideal for targeting hard-to-reach areas.

*NO-SPILL WATERING: The sleek, ergonomic handle and semi-covered top help to prevent spills during watering.

This is a gorgeous gift for your favorite plant parent!

Size: 900 ml (a little under 1 quart)

~5" diameter at the bottom and ~5.5" tall.