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eCourse Companion Bundle: Mastering Shohin Juniper

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This companion kit to the Juniper eCourse provides you with trees and materials that you can use to jump-start your journey to creating great shohin Juniper bonsai!

The Kit includes:

  • 2 x Itoigawa - 1+ Year-Olds - in 3" nursery containers. Size is 4-8", thin trunk.
  • 3 x "Basics" Kishu Junipers - in 3x9 Anderson bands. 3+ years old.
  • 5 x  1 - gallon  size fabric grow bags. 
  • Time Release granular fertilizer - one packet.

The Mastering Shohin Juniper eCourse guides you through years of development and refinement of a small juniper bonsai. It gives you all the knowledge you need to make the trees in this bundle grow into beautiful specimen bonsai!

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Received plants in great condition, well package! Will definitely recommend it to others. Will order again soon.