Chinese Corkbark Elm Bonsai Starters
Chinese Corkbark Elm Bonsai Bare
Chinese Corkbark Elm Bonsai Leafed
Chinese Corkbark Elm Mame

Chinese Corkbark Elm Bonsai Starters

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Chinese corkbark elm is a classic species for bonsai. With leaves that reduce from about 1" down to less than 1/2" and rugged bark, this tree is perfect for small bonsai, and can be grown out to larger size also. Fine twigging makes the winter silhouette dreamy on mature specimens.

These starters are in 3.5" nursery containers, with trunks about 1/8"-1/4", and from 5-8" of growth.  Most have multiple strong shoots.

Photos are representative and are not the plant you will receive. But, your plants will be very similar. (Specimen and mame for example only.)

We recommend that you fertilize regularly, and place your elm in a sunny warm location outdoors during the growing season.  All bonsai should be protected from temperatures below 28F.