"Basics" Juniper Bonsai Starters - Bonsaify
"Basics" Juniper Bonsai Starters - Bonsaify
"Basics" Juniper Bonsai Starters - Bonsaify

Juniper "Basics" Bonsai Starters

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The perfect "basics" starter plants!  These Kishu junipers are perfect for so many things! (The botanical Latin name is Juniperus chinensis 'Kishu' or Juniperus chinensis Sargentii 'Kishu') 

Perfect for:

  • Teaching beginners classes 
  • Learning to wire young trees

The trunks are about 3/16"-1/4" diameter and they are 8-16" tall. We ship them in 3x9 Anderson Bands. They are 3 years old and ready for styling. Most of the trees have some movement in the first two inches above the nebari (root junction.)

Kishu are among the best junipers for bonsai, with tight delicate foliage that creates heavenly clouds almost by itself.  The runners (strong central shoots) are used to make branches and trunks. Wood production is faster in hotter climates. 

The photos are representative, and do not show the actual tree you will receive. 

Our trees are healthy and vigorous - these are grown in 14 hours of direct summer sunlight! Our trees are all created in our own operation and are made specifically for bonsai use.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Mike OHagan
Great material

Fast shipping and well packaged. A Very nice start to your bonsai collection. I will definitely be ordering more soon.

Edward Day
Great Product!

I was very pleased with the health and vigor of these trees. I have had them for a month now and they are thriving in the Seattle/Tacoma area. I cant wait for these to grow, and I for sure plan to pick up some more next year.

Rick Stockwell
Excellent video for beginners with Juniper.

Not only does he do an excellent job of providing beautiful and inexpensive plants for beginners. He does a great job of explaining in this video, how to prune and wire and train them. His videos are always excellent and simple and clear.

Ed Rauen
Kishu 3 pack

Exactly what I would expect from Bonsaify everything was packaged perfectly and the trees are in perfect health.


Material packaged wonderfully and the quality is excellent. Do yourself and place your order!