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Mastering Shohin Japanese Black Pine Bonsai: Hero Image - Eric holds a JBP cone next to a mature tree he grew from seed.
Mastering Shohin Japanese Black Pine Bonsai: Screenshot showing the course interface and video sample of Eric
Mastering Shohin Japanese Black Pine Bonsai: Root work on a two year old seedling tree.
Mastering Shohin Japanese Black Pine Bonsai. Summer trimming of a 15 year old tree.
Mastering shohin Japanese Black Pine bonsai - Eric clears old needles on a three year old.

Mastering Shohin Japanese Black Pine Bonsai: A Step-by-Step Guide to Cultivating and Growing Your Perfect Tree

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In this eCourse you will learn all the steps required to create an informal-upright shohin (8"/20cm) Japanese Black Pine bonsai. Eric's been teaching workshops and growing pines for over 20 years and shares detailed instructions on how to make a show quality tree from scratch. The course is appropriate for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike. Embark on a magical journey to nurture a Japanese Black Pine seedling into an established shohin bonsai tree, guided by Eric Schrader's detailed, step-by-step instructions. Ask a friend to take the course with you, and make the wonder of bonsai cultivation a joy-filled reality for you both! 

  • Over 25 video instructional sessions covering all aspects of Japanese Black Pine care and growing.
  • 3.5 Hours of professionally produced HD video content with concentrated information in every minute.
  • Information and tips that help you bridge the gap from a young tree to a decades-old specimen.
  • Basic Terminology and Growing advice for beginners and experienced growers.
  • Pest and Disease identification guide and treatment recommendations.
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Course Preview

For a review of the eCourse by Jonas Dupuich of bonsai tonight, check this blog post:  https://bonsaitonight.com/2023/06/09/review-mastering-shohin-japanese-black-pine-bonsai/

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Joel Whittaker
Great course!

I’m only about halfway through but I have learned so much already. I have experience with JPB but I wish knew then what I know now years ago. Highly recommend this course worth every penny.

Mark Walker
Great course!

Very helpful information for beginning you black pine bonsai journey

Jeff Ammons
Nicely structured course

I recently bought my first Japanese Black Pine after several years of bonsai with other species. Having all of the content in on place in short-to-medium length videos was a very helpful onboarding to care and styling for the tree.

Jay Gaffri
First time on JBP

Good fundamentals for a beginner/first time working with Japanese Black Pine. Explains the time-line to working on/with JBP & how how much work to accomplish at each stage. Great demonstrates with multiple scenarios that support the fundamentals Eric is showing.


Noce and healthy Japanese black pines. Delivered quickly