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Japanese Black Pine Bonsai: eCourse Companion Bundle

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This companion kit to the JBP eCourse provides you with trees and materials that you can use to jump-start your journey to creating great shohin Japanese Black Pine bonsai!

The Kit includes:

  • Three x 2-3year old JBP seedlings in 3.3" nursery containers. The stock comes from our favorite seed source in Alameda!
  • Three x  1 - gallon size fabric grow bags. (we like them better than baskets or gallons!)
  • Time Release granular fertilizer  - 100 day application interval. 
  • One 400g Roll of 2.0mm or 2.5mm or 3.0mm Aluminum wire for bending trunks

The course guides you through all the steps that you need to take to create an informal upright shohin (8"/20cm) Japanese Black Pine bonsai. Eric has been growing pines for over 20 years and shares all the steps that it takes to make a show quality tree from scratch. Whether you want to start from seed yourself, or skip a couple early years by using this kit, the course will get you there!

Customer Reviews

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Michael Go
Gets you wet into the art of bonsai

The plants and the materials came packed carefully. As an added touch, I was so glad the packing material was biodegradable. I do wish that you can add an addendum into how to anchor the black pine in the bags rather than on the stiffer aquatic pots (I plunged 4 bamboo chopsticks into the medium along each quarter of the perimeter of the bags and used those for anchors).
All in all, a great way to get started in the art of shohin bonsai. Now, for some patience as the plants develop their trunks. Maybe I'll go watch some rocks grow. :)

Tom Gambill
Awesome!! Thanks!!

Great product and program


Really happy with the order and the companion e course is absolutely premium, two thumbs up


Nice and healthy trees! Highly recommend!