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Japanese Black Pine Potted Bonsai Starters - Bonsaify
Japanese Black Pine Potted Bonsai Starters - Bonsaify

Japanese Black Pine Potted Bonsai Starters

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Are you interested in growing your own bonsai trees, but don't want to start from scratch (e.g. seed or cutting)? We're releasing a limited number of 2020 spring-start Japanese black pine from our grow operation, just for you! 

BONUS: you have a young tree and want to make it into a bonsai - but how do you begin? It's so exciting to start a bonsai from scratch, and in this video, Eric demonstrates three examples of what you can do with a two year old Japanese Black Pine bonsai starter. "Think of all the steps of bonsai design with the end point in mind!" 

Japanese black pine are among the most prized of bonsai species, with rugged bark, beautiful dark green needles and a predictable and well-documented growth regimen. 

These are in 3.3" plastic containers with small side buds at the one-year node and a strong central leader. The trees shown are a typical example, trunk size is up to 3/16" (about the size of a standard pencil) approximate height - 7-10" The photos are representative, and do not show the actual tree.


These trees are treated like young bonsai, including root work, but they will easily grow and improve in your care!

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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6 Pack Black Pine Starters

Plants are extremely healthy. Happy with the price and quality. These starters allow you to skip the first two years and are already bent. Bonsaify is setting you up for shohin success. I had to slip pot mine to get them ready for my hot summers since I bought them in April. They are already acclimated and doing great.

Mark Ruth
Awesome Pre Bonsai

Completely impressed with these trees. By far the best starter pines I’ve ever seen. Nice little turns at base of the trunk and good low branching. You guys are awesome. Will be buying more today!

Top Notch Start for a Long Journey Ahead

10/10. The tree has a beautiful bend at the very bottom of the trunk, swirling up into a phenomenal sacrificial branch. I am totally set-up for shohin success!! Eric and Dory know exactly what they're doing and I'm so impressed with my purchase. Looking forward to buying more trees from here again!!!

Christopher Manzanares
Black Pine 6 pack

Very healthy trees. All had different movement in the lower portions of the trunks and had many low buds for future development.

Patrick Martinez
Japanese Black Pine

Both my black pines came in healthy and were delivered faster than I was told. Some of the needles were turning brown at the tips on one but the guide I also purchased should tectify the small problem. A very comprehensive guide.