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Cork Oak Bonsai Starters - Bonsaify
Cork Oak Bonsai Starters - Bonsaify

Cork Oak Bonsai Starters

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These acorn-grown cork oaks (Quercus suber) are among the most cooperative of the oak genus, and have amazing bark as they age and gain size. Known as the source of wine corks and grown widely, cork oaks make great bonsai!

These 3.3" potted starters are 1 year old, unwired.  Minimal branching. Trunks are 1/8”  thick, height is 6-14"

Note: Photos are representative and do not show the actual tree you will receive.

Cork oaks are native to Mediterranean climates and best suited to climates where winter temperatures are mild and summers are warm and dry.  They are cold tolerant in the landscape to 23F but should be protected as bonsai from temperatures below 32F. 

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