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Korean Hornbeam Bonsai Starter - Bonsaify
Korean Hornbeam Bonsai Starter - Bonsaify

Korean Hornbeam Bonsai Starter

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Korean hornbeam is a highly prized species for bonsai with beautiful small leaves and a fine twig structure that almost makes a bonsai by itself!  There are a variety of conflicting names for the species possibly due to the natural genetic variation within. We propagated these from a Chinese seed source named as Carpinus turczaninovii. (we think the pronunciation is car-PĪ-nus turk-zan-in-Ō-vee-ī) 

In their second growing season, these starters are in 3.5 nursery containers and are 3-9" tall.  They have been greenhouse grown so leaves are slightly larger than normal, but will revert to smaller size as they continue to grow.

Hardy to zone 5b as a landscape tree, we suggest you protect from temperatures below 32F as a bonsai.

The photos are representative and are not the actual tree you will receive.

For a discussion of the names see this link

Check out a Korean hornbeam that Eric grew from a seedling into a raft in this video on the Bonsaify YouTube Channel!


Customer Reviews

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Richard Lemieux

Received 3 undamaged, very healthy Korean Hornbeam. Very happy with my purchase!

Cool Little Trees

This is my 3rd order I think from Bonsaify and I have been consistently pleased. I will happily buy from them in the future.

Mats Hagstrom
Getting the right tree from the beginning

There are several Carpinus grown for bonsai. These C. turczaninovii are ideal. I like the venation and the structure of these leaves.

Every tree I have purchased from Bonsify has been ideal. These are no exception. Grown with a purpose!!! Thank you.


I bought a six pack of these, one was snapped at the base, probably damaged while packaging because the leaves had time to dry out. The rest were unwired and perfectly straight. I don’t think this product is worth $30 but I think buying multiple may be a better option.

Hi Juan,
Thanks for the feedback! We will be happy to replace the damaged plant with another at no cost! Just reach out via email. The six-pack option pricing currently has them at $16.50 each so we agree! We always encourage people to grow batches of trees. Thanks, Eric.