Zelkova Broom January 2022 Edition #7
Zelkova Broom January 2022 Edition #7

Zelkova Broom January 2022 Edition #7

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What makes deciduous bonsai so special? The lush growth of spring and summer and the delightful colors of autumn offer amazing contrast to the subtle beauty in the pattern of bare winter branches. Bonsai lovers appreciate and find joy in it all.

We have released 25 individual potted Zelkova as a January 2022 edition. Eric specifically selected each tree from among thousands in our growing operation for its promising branch structure. These trees are a great starting point for small to medium broom-style bonsai. 

Zelkova are among the most prized species of bonsai in Japan and are grown to be enjoyed in all their detail in winter. These deciduous trees are in the Elm family (Ulmacae), with alternating leaves at the nodes. They will back bud copiously and are well-adapted to root work. 

Zelkova care basics: To continue development of these trees allow new shoots to run to 5-8 leaves and then cutback to 1-2. Once your silhouette fills out, keep shoots in check by pinching vigorous branches before they elongate too much. Provide regular water, fertilizer and lots of sun and warmth during the summer; these trees love winter cold temps.

Pot: approx. 7" tall, 3.5" wide, plastic

Tree: about 6" tall.