Shohin Juniper Rock Planting photo
Shohin Juniper Rock Planting photo

Shohin Juniper Rock Planting

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Rock plantings are a fun and popular style of bonsai. From among a batch of early 2020 rock plantings, this composition has two junipers mounted on a lace rock piece. There is a (hidden) composite base to the stone making it easy to anchor in the container. Japanese terra cotta training container.

Height - 5"

Pot: Japanese Terra Cotta: 6" diameter 


Junipers are hardy, love full sun and can grow quickly under ideal conditions. Water daily during the growing season, fertilize regularly. Protect from temperatures below 32 degrees F, like all bonsai.

Rock plantings require a bit of added care when they are young to keep the tree roots that are protected and growing down the side of the stone from drying out. Water an extra time each day for the first growing season. Once roots are established in the container the trees will grow more quickly and they can be transplanted as needed.