Root-Over-Rock Japanese Black Pine photo
Root-Over-Rock Japanese Black Pine photo backside
Root-Over-Rock Japanese Black Pine photo close up

Root-Over-Rock Japanese Black Pine

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This Japanese Black Pine bonsai was stared in 2006. It sits on a hard dark stone, gripping it tightly. The mature branching creates a movement in the composition. This tree is ready for any level of exhibition or your personal bonsai garden. 


Japanese black pine are among the best-documented species for care. Early spring repotting, summer decandling and fall pruning have the combined effect of creating compact and dense foliage. Protect roots from temperatures below 30 degrees F. Full sun for 10-14 hours per day is ideal during the growing season (March or April-November) Black pine are not well-adapted to indoor growing.

Height 9.5" (11" wide)

Girth: 1.5" (above stone)

Root spread: 5" (width over stone

Pot: Japanese 9"x7"x2.75" outside dimensions.