Mountain-Style "Kishu" Juniper photo
Mountain-Style "Kishu" Juniper photo
Mountain-Style "Kishu" Juniper photo, deadwood close-up

Mountain-Style "Kishu" Juniper

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Untouched by humans out in the wild, Junipers can grow in some pretty harsh places. This incredible small tree was dug up after growing in a landscape. It was grafted and shaped to become a bonsai with some of the character of the older trunk retained to create a more interesting composition. It will be hard for us to say goodbye to this sweetheart! 


Junipers are hardy, love full sun and can grow quickly under hot and humid conditions. Water daily during the growing season, fertilize regularly. Protect from temperatures below 32 degrees F, like all bonsai. Growth on "Kishu" is shorter and tighter in places with cool summer weather (like high elevation, or coastal).

Height: 6.75" (top of foliage), 11" (top of deadwood)

Pot: Japanese, 6" x 4.5" x 1.75" outside dimensions.