Miniature Dwarf Jade - Small #2
Miniature Dwarf Jade - Small #2

Miniature Dwarf Jade - Small #2

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Miniature jade are perfect bonsai for beginners! Dwarf jade are one of the easiest indoor/outdoor bonsai to grow and maintain. This "corkbark" variety of Miniature jade has rough bark rather than smooth. The tree is potted in a signature dark cast cement pot 4" across. The bonsai stands about 5" tall, with a trunk girth of approximately 5/8". 

Native to South Africa, the P. Afra - aka Elephant Bush, or "spekboom" gets its name because it's a favorite food of African Elephants. It's a succulent-type plant similar to jade, but with smaller, bright green shiny leaves which are edible.

We recommend that you fertilize regularly, and place your miniature jade in a sunny warm location. It can grow indoors or outdoors in any bright location, but be sure to protect it from freezing temperatures.