Forever in My Heart Lavender Star Flower #11
Forever in My Heart Lavender Star Flower #11

Forever in My Heart Lavender Star Flower #11

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A one of a kind gift for your favorite Valentine, this pretty little bonsai is potted in a heart-shaped concrete container. 

The tree will flower almost continuously under the right conditions. The small bright green leaves contrast with the lovely flowers, and the tree will bud profusely when trimmed, allowing you to make almost any shape you desire! 

Lavender Star Flower is also known as "Grewia" because of its Latin name. This is a beautiful species that prefers warm temperatures and lots of direct sunlight. It can be grown indoors, or outdoors during warmer conditions for more vigorous growth. 

Under low light conditions, the leaves increase in size slightly and flowering is less reliable, but southern or western windows may provide a suitable growing spot. The branching can elongate quickly so don’t be shy about pruning. If leaves drop or turn yellow, try giving it more direct light. Avoid freezing temperatures! 

Please note: Flowers only last a few days, so your plant may or may not be flowering when you receive it!