photo of Chojubai White Japanese Quice

Chojubai White Japanese Quice

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This white "Chojubai" dwarf Japanese quince is planted on a unique stone and growing in a handmade ceramic container from Bonsai Fusion of San Jose, CA.

Chojubai are a highly-sought-after species that flower copiously with small leaves and a great ability to create fine dense structures of branches. They will lose their leaves for winter dormancy. In San Francisco they flower from January through March, and sometimes again in summer months. The shoots elongate after flowering.

Tree Height 6"

Bonsai Fusion Pot Oval 6"x4"x1.5"


Trim back after spring growth has elongated, remove fruit that sets to encourage more branch growth and flowering. Repotting is best completed in late winter or early spring. Fertilize regularly and monitor for pests and diseases.