Photo of Black Pine Bonsai - Formal
Photo of Black Pine Bonsai - Formal
close-up Photo of Black Pine Bonsai - Formal

Black Pine - Formal

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This Formal upright specimen was started in 2006 along with 115 other trees that were one of Eric's first batches of bonsai.  

Black pine are among the best species for bonsai, and copious amounts of information is available to help enthusiasts learn how to care for them on a schedule that will keep them beautiful for a lifetime. 

The updated photos were taken in August 2020, by fall this tree will have a more foliage to complete the silhouette. 

Height: 16" (not counting the sacrifice branch)

Trunk girth above roots: 3"

Rood spread: 8-9"

Container: Japanese Terra Cotta trainer - 14" outside top diameter