Bare Root 2-year-old Zelkova Serrata
Bare Root 2-year-old Zelkova Serrata
Bare Root 2-year-old Zelkova Serrata

Bare Root 2-year-old Zelkova Serrata

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While walking in a winter wonderland, we decided to release a limited number of our 2-year-old bare root Zelkova serrata in bundles of 5, 10, 25, or 100. 

Zelkova are a deciduous tree in the Elm family (Ulmaceae), with alternating leaves at the nodes. They are prized for their fine branching, fast growth and ability to make incredibly detailed bonsai. They will back bud copiously, are well-adapted to root work, and are a delight with their changing seasonal appearance.

Did you know? Bare root plants are dormant (not actively growing) plants that are dug up and stored without any soil around their roots. Once you place the plant in a container with bonsai soil and add moisture, it will start to grow again.

These will be shipped wrapped in a plastic bag with some perlite mix to keep the roots moist. They are particularly well suited to forest plantings, but can be grown to be the traditional small broom style also. Trees are 3"-14" tall with small trunks. Some trees have been cut back to improve taper and ramification. 

The photos are representative, and do not show the actual trees. You will receive a mix of sizes with each order.

(The potted tree is only an example; it is a mature Zelkova bonsai that is about 15 years old.)

We vouch for the health and vigor of our plants. These trees are treated like young bonsai, they will easily grow and improve in your care!

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